Obi speaks on innovation, diversity and inclusion, and mental health. She has spoken at numerous technology and entrepreneur conferences, as well as private gatherings of CEOs and philanthropists. She was interviewed twice on stage at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Next Gen conference. She delivered the opening keynote at Chautauqua Institution, where previous speakers included FDR, Hillary Clinton and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She has guest lectured at INSEAD, Stanford University and UC Berkeley.

How can we apply technology to help solve the big challenges of our times, such as climate change and healthcare? How can we create an innovation culture in any organisation, from small to large? How do we deal with failure gracefully? How do we learn fast? How do we bring the brightest, most diverse people to the table to invent the future we want to live in? How do we create a future of flourishing minds for all?

Obi is represented by Washington Speakers Bureau. If you would like Obi to speak at your event, please visit https://www.wsb.com/speakers/obi-felten/

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Selected talks by Obi

EventType of engagementTopics
ASU+GSV Summit, San Diego, 2021 & 2022Panel discussion
Mental health
Bits & Pretzels, Munich
Interview with Miriam Wohlfarth at Germany’s largest tech conferenceInnovation
Catalyst Girls in Tech conference, San Francisco
Keynote at women in tech conferenceInnovation, diversity & inclusion
Changemaker Chats, San Francisco
Fireside chat with Kati Schmidt, Q&A with women in techDiversity & inclusion, careers in tech
Chautauqua Institution, New York
Opening keynote of summer season at venerable NY institution (previous speakers include Hillary Clinton and Ruth Bader Ginsburg)Innovation
CPS Lectures, San Francisco
Talk at San-Francisco-based discussion seriesInnovation
CPS Lectures, San Francisco
Obi interviews Dr. Sam McLean on the Heroes Health Initiative, a project to support the mental health of frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.Mental health
CPS Lectures, San Francisco
Obi interviews Jessica Powell on her book “The Big Disruption”Life in Silicon Valley
CPS Lectures, San Francisco
Obi interviews Stephen DeBerry on disparity by designInnovation, diversity & inclusion
Devex World
Interview with Catherine Cheney at global development conferenceInnovation
Falling Walls, Berlin
Panel with Miranda Wolpert, Shuranjeet Singh, Megan Jones Bell on a new superscience for mental healthMental health
Federal Reserve, Chicago, 2022Keynote at leadership summitInnovation
Fortune Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit, Laguna Beach CA
2017, 2016
2017 interview with Michal Lev Ram
2016 interview with Leena Rao
Hello Tomorrow, Paris
Opening keynote at deep tech entrepreneur conferenceInnovation
Helmholtz Horizons Symposium, Berlin
Closing keynote at summit for European scientists and science policy makersInnovation
Various MBA guest lectures with Prof Annet ArisInnovation
Investec Entrepreneurs Summit, London
ITV global employee conference, London/virtual 2021Talk & fireside chat at internal conference of UK broadcasterInnovation
Jacques Delors Institute Conference, Berlin
Keynote “Lessons from Silicon Valley and Europe”
See my blogpost for transcript in English
Innovation, Silicon Valley culture
Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies / Stanford Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, Palo Alto
Keynote followed by conversation with Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli
with introductory remarks by former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Video
Innovation, mental health
Learn Capital Summit, Utah
Keynote/Q&A at Learn Capital’s annual summit for their founders/CEOs and partnersInnovation
Lesbians Who Tech, San Francisco
KeynoteInnovation, Diversity & inclusion
London Tech Week, London
Panel at Global Leaders Innovation SummitInnovation
McLean Technology in Psychiatry Summit, Boston
Talk on tech-enabled mental health measurement at Technology in Psychiatry Summit, organised by McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical SchoolMental health
Milken Institute Future of Health Summit
Panel on mental health innovation organised by nonprofit, nonpartisan think tankMental health
Milken Institute Global Conference
Panel at on role of philantropy in mental healthInnovation, philantropy
OneMind Brain Waves podcast, 2021Conversation with Brandon Staglin and Dr. Helen Herrman on the impact of the pandemic on mental health. Mental health
OneMind At Work Conference, CA
Panel on mental health innovation
Mental health
Oxford Union, Oxford
Talk followed by Q&A with Oxford University studentsInnovation
Rolemodels, Berlin
Interview with Isa Sonnenfeld as part of the Rolemodels series.Innovation, diversity & inclusion
Signals Academy, Berlin
Keynote at annual founder summit organised by Signals venture capital firmInnovation
Silicon Valley Comes to the UK, London
2020, 2016
2016 Talk ‘Inside the Moonshot Factory’
2020 Fireside chat with Sherry Coutu, Q&A with female scale-up founders
Singularity University, Mountain View, CA
Closing keynote at Singularity summer programmeInnovation
Skoll World Forum, Oxford
Session host & moderator ‘Leapfrogging Development: How New Technologies Will Accelerate Change’ featuring social entrepreneurs Sarah Martin, Jim Taylor, Andreas Raptopoulos, Sly Lee, Juliana RotichInnovation, social entrepreneurship
Smithsonian The Long Conversation, Washington DC
Michael Govan interviews Obi Felten
Obi Felten interviews Michael Hill
Stanford University, Palo Alto,
Guest lectures at d.school
Stanford University, Palo Alto, 2022Guest lecture in biodesign courseMental health
Stern Stewart Institute Summit, Germany
Talk at private gathering of German CEOsInnovation
Stifterverband Forschungsgipfel, Berlin
Invite-only innovation & science summit with German business, science and politics leaders
Talk at ‘Inner Circle 2: Neue Wege für Innovationen – Wer übernimmt das Steuer?’ (in German)
Interview (in German)
Tech Inclusion summit, San Francisco
Firesite chat with Mary GroveInnovation, diversity & inclusion
The Philantropy Network Summit
Talk at private gathering of philantropistsInnovation
Thomas Mann House, Los Angeles
Fireside chat with Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, hosted by Milena MertenInnovation, Silicon Valley
Trove.co team offsiteKeynote at company all hands offsiteInnovation
UBA Forum, Berlin
Opening keynote (in German) at summit on the environment for industry and policy makers hosted by Umweltbundesamt (Federal Ministry for the Environment)Innovation
Udacity Intersect, Mountain View, CA
Closing keynote at annual summitInnovation
University of California Berkeley, CA
2015, 2019
Executive MBA guest lecturesInnovation, Diversity & inclusion
Villa Aurora Salon, Berlin
Talk followed by Q&A moderated by Alison Smale, New York Times correspondent (in German)Innovation
Wired UK, London
Talk at UK tech conferenceInnovation
Women 2.0, San Francisco
Keynote at women in tech conferenceInnovation
Women Techmaker Summit, Mountain View, CA
Talk at women in tech conference “On Bravery: How to kill good things to make room for truly great ones”Innovation, diversity & inclusion, careers in tech
World Congress of Science and Factual Producers, San Francisco
Keynote at global conference of TV and film producersInnovation
Zinc podcast, 2021Conversation with Zinc fellow Iain Jordan on building mental health tech ventures RecordingMental health, venture building

Selected speaking engagements

“I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”

– Thomas Edison (maybe)